By Kate Orloski

As a survivor of Hurricane Katrina the impact on pets was overwhelming. The poem below is my own experience as it relates to both Katrina and other disasters that happen around the world.

I remember you in Mid-City
soaring through the neutral zone
ears flapping and tail wagging,
excited by our visit.
Not even a soft wind has met
you here in days.
I slow to catch you
as our escort turns the corner.
I rush to keep up, so soon after,
no exit without a badge.
Night falling you dart through
death and water and I lose you
in the city that care forgot.
I remember.

Now I think of your brethren.
In a different place they run and
leap through wreckage like you.
Like you in my dreams I catch them,
waking wet and warm I cry for you.
I remember.

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Date: Saturday, 23. January 2010 8:07
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