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Atticus’ Vacay ~ day 2

Sunday, 28. July 2013 6:39

They keep saying perfect beach weather. I can’t believe how many new smells there are! We started off really early Lon along walk through the pines and I almost caught this little brown creature. Right on the side of the road. If that darn line had not been attached I would have had it for sure.


So we come back and I am wondering if we a getting in the car to go exploring. I really like all the room in the back seat and the front (where I usually lie down) has even more room for my legs.

But no, in the house we go and then Mom heads off to the beach, while I take a nap.


When she comes back we head out and boy is this a long stretch to go find the Dog Beach at Henlopen State Park. It is not too hot, but remember that I LOVE snow so I could do without the water sprays no such. We finally make it to the beach and I am SO excited to see other dogs but NONE of them wanted to play except a young pup. Off we go back down the road. Boy am I tired by the time we get back. Time to stretch and sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Mom says tomorrow morning is time to run the beach at Dewey ( whatever that is). I can’t wait!

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