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Smith Meadows Farm Day 2013

Sunday, 23. June 2013 4:42


Julie and I had the good fortune to re-visit one of our vendors, Smith Meadows Farm this month and were once again impressed and delighted with this terrific family and their farm. We walked to the various areas of the farm where the cows, pigs and chickens are rotated to enrich the soil and to produce a very healthy, sustainable environment for all.

The farm has been in the Pritchard family for eight generations, and there is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast at the center of the farm, for those who want a quiet getaway. They also have a full scale commercial kitchen where fresh pastas, pot pies and sauces are produced for the local farmers markets.

Forrest has recently written a new book on saving the family farm, called Gaining Ground, by going from a conventional farming enterprise to a sustainable model, and we have copies available at both stores. It is a great story and we are very proud to carry Smith Meadows products at The Big Bad Woof.



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Marley Needs a Good Foster Home for 1 Year

Sunday, 9. June 2013 8:07

Greetings neighbors and friends – (Washington DC Area)


Marley Standing

Marley Needs a Foster Home for 1 Year

We are looking for a foster home as well as back up sitters for our fabulous dog Marley in the event that we are able to arrange to be in Thailand for about a year late July or by August 1, 2013 at the latest. We adopted Marley from the pound when he was 1, and we think he is about 9 years old now.


He is a 25lb beagle cross, and we love him to pieces. He is good with kids and people and other dogs, and he has lived with cats with no problem. He loves to go running in Rock Creek Park, and to chase tennis balls in the back yard. He also spends a lot of time sleeping in patches of sunlight like a good dog should. As you can see from the pictures, he has many moods and he is adorable. He also does a great job of appearing to be a fierce protector of our home. I have no idea what he would do if there actually were an intruder, but no one has ever wanted to find out so I rest easy knowing that we are safe.


We are looking for a family to host Marley while we are away for about a year, and would be open to some form of MarleyShare with them when we come back (in the event that they are worried that they or their kids may have grown too attached which is entirely possible!)


Marley Flies

Marley Flies

We would provide whomever took him with all his dog food and monthly heartworm pill and pay any vet bills, so there would be no costs incurred.


Could you be a foster home or a back up sitter for Marley?


I can be reached at 202-446-8811 or

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