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Bing – looking for foster home for the holidays

Monday, 17. December 2012 7:59

Bing is from Operation Broken Chain – an operation of ARC Animal Rescue.

This is the single largest dog fighting bust in Tennessee history, and Animal Rescue Corps brought these dogs  new life.  To view the photos of the bust, click on this facebook link.

They then gave the dogs individual assessments and determined who was dog and people friendly. Many of the dogs weren’t dog friendly but a number were.

Dogs XL Rescue decided to help BING and here is his information….as per our agreement with ARC he cannot be under supervised around dogs and kids under a second behavior assessment is done. Michelle or Anne to screen fosters and adopters.

Bing is looking for a great foster!


Pit Bull mix

5 months, 20 lbs

Dog friendly (gives play bows) but mouthy puppy during play time

FIRST ASSESSMENT (Nov. 30): Human/Dog – Bing is great with people. Dog/dog – Bing is great with other dogs.

SECOND ASSESSMENT (Dec. 15): Human/Dog – Bing was reassessed because he has  been mouthy with volunteers. It was determined that he is mouthy in puppy play and does not apply pressure. There is no concern for human aggression.

However, he will need manners training to learn the difference between toys and human hands. Dog/Dog – Bing was not reassessed with another dog.

These are only the “formal” assessments – he has informally been playing in playgroup and doing well with dogs.

More later!!

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A week with an electric car

Thursday, 6. December 2012 15:02

Thanksgiving week we (founders of The Big Bad Woof)  were given a 2012 Chevrolet Volt to drive around town, and then rate our experience. We were really excited since this is the first electric car we have driven that runs on ALL electric, instead of our 2006 Prius which uses a hybrid engine to switch back and forth.

I was surprised at how quiet the Volt was, even though we have been driving a Prius for years and are used to the gas engine shutting off. As expected, the Chevy Volt is a good looking sporty sedan with really good acceleration and a very smooth and comfortable ride.

The amenities were really nice also, including the options for Sirius Radio, ON Star and Bluetooth. The navigation and dashboard were very easy to use, with most settings a button away.

One consideration is where you will plug the car in. We live in an old neighborhood and do not have a garage, so running the plug-in into the hose was a bit tricky. Definitely when we get an electric car, one of the things we will have to do is run a line out (preferably a 220V to save on recharge time).

Also, the drive range on electric is 35 miles before you automatically shift to the gas engine, but that is relative to how you drive. If you are used to driving a hybrid, you know to calm down your starts from stop signs etc to maximise mileage. All in all, the gas rating was at over 40MPG so that was great too.

The starting price is the high 30′s, but there are significant tax rebates still available for new green driving machines so the Volt is definitely worth a look (or two). If you drive short distances you might never have to stop for petrol.

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