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Best Foods for Hyperthyroid Cats

Friday, 10. June 2011 14:47

As a cat lover, a woman who has cared for four cats the last fourteen years, and an animal professional, I have learned a great deal about caring for cats.  In the last two years, namely, I have learned about hyperthyroidism in cats, because two of my cat companions became hyperthyroid–a common condition in cats as they age.

Besides making a homemade diet, cooked or raw, it has been difficult to find a quality canned cat food that does not have the ingredient kelp in it.

By quality, I am referring to foods that are grain free or well balanced, that support superb feline health, bring shine and luster to their coat, and keep fecal odor to a minimum!  This last factor is definitely important when living space is in close quarters (fyi–high quality grain free and raw foods lessen odor).

Kelp is one type of seaweed, and is generally good for us and our pets, as it stimulates thyroid activity.  This is good for cats that are overweight.  But this is not good for a hyperthyroid cat, in fact it makes the condition much worse.  Due to being overwhelmed with two of my cats passing this year and moving to a new home with my remaining two, finding brands ideal for hyperthyroid cats came to me slowly.

Frustrated that I could no longer give Gem, my cat with borderline hyperthyroidism and FUS, frozen prepared raw food anymore because of the kelp and bone in it (bone or calcium fuels crystals/stones to form in cats with FUS), I was desperate to find canned food that would nourish him without activating either condition, and meet all of my above mentioned criteria.  I spoke of my frustration to Pennye, an owner of The Big Bad Woof.  She directed me to Annamaet’s new cat food, Chicken & Fish-antibiotic, hormone and gluten free food made specifically without kelp with cranberries and DL-Methonine for bladder health.  I don’t feed my cats dry food for many reasons, but I was happy to know about this food and decided to take some samples home and try it out anyway.

I have been feeding Gem and Rosie small amounts of Annamaet every day and they love it, and Gem is doing well with no urinary issues. For canned foods, I used to feed Nature’s Variety, but Weruva is now at the top of my list.  Their food is ‘above and beyond human grade’ and my cats love it too!!!

Hyperthyroidism is one of the top five reasons cats visit the vet.  I thought cat food manufacturers would make food without kelp, but the majority of them don’t, especially the healthier ones.  Thanks so much to these conscious pet food companies who do, and many thanks to all those that operate with the animals best health in mind.

May your cats be thoroughly fulfilled and nourished, a major task for a cat guardian if the cat has thyroid challenges.

Wendy Groomes
Shared from our Nourishing Kitty Blog

After writing this I decided to do some research to see exactly which cat foods in our store (BBW) are kelp free.  There are many foods that are kelp free (listed below), but not many that meet all of my standards listed above (i.e., healthy coat, minimal odor).

Freeze Dried: Honest Kitchen Prowl

Grain Free Canned:
Weruva, Addiction, By Nature, Blue Wilderness, Go, Evo, Verus, Wellness Healthy Indulgence, Nature’s Variety Homestyle

Grain Free Dry:
Evo, Go, Taste of the Wild, Legacy

Regular Canned:
California Natural, Blue Spa Select, Evolve, Innova,

Regular Dry:
Fromm, Health Wise, California Natural, Blue Spa Select, Sammy Snacks

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