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On Fostering | Saving Lives

Friday, 25. March 2011 4:05

We also are foster parents who have Frankie, a pittie mix from Washington Humane Society. This is a great post on fostering if you are considering opening up your home…..

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Milk Teeth 3 ~ More Transitions

Thursday, 4. November 2010 14:51

Tomorrow Titus and Frankie go to the Washington Humane Society Spay / Neuter Clinic finally, after we were battling a case of ringworm, and then Titus is off to his new home with a wonderful young woman in the neighborhood. He is the most calm, stable pup and will make a GREAT first dog for her.

Frankie had a great application in that was withdrawn due to (wait for it) Breed Specific legal issues that might arise if the new family moved back home to NZ. So, here is a wonderful pup who is still looking for the perfect home. They are 3 1/2 months old now.

If you are interested in learning more about her please contact Louisa Phillips at the Washington Humane Society Georgia Avenue Shelter.

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Milk Teeth 2 ~ Transitions

Monday, 20. September 2010 6:48

I can’t believe it has been a month or more since I last wrote about these pups. We have all learned so much about each other over the past month and for us, we have re-visited puppies, what they need for optimal health, feeding and how much they learn specific things at certain stages in their development.

So here is an update on our wonderful charges ~

Frankie is growing into such an attentive girl. She loves to run and is very athletic, but that is tempered with a bit of fearfulness in new situations, and complete confidence in familiar surroundings. She is very smart and wants only to please, but is also the most rakish tomboy and is a constant companion to Titus. She can also be a bit pushy but also listens to direction and changes here actions accordingly.

Johnny is the happy go lucky boy who seems to get into everything and does not particularly care if he gets in trouble for it. A charmer with long legs and an athletic build, he has already fancied himself with a couple of people. With the proper training and guidance he will be a terrific family dog. He is a bit pushy and territorial regarding hi value treats and food so older kids might be better for him if there are children still at home.

Weezer is the darling of the bunch. She is still the smallest and still is trying her hardest to get Tumo, our 11 1/2 year old wolfdog to like her (to no avail). She is the smartest in terms of figuring our how to get in and out of doors, onto furniture and into your lap. One look at those blue eyes and even the toughest fall……..

Titus is the most confident and well-balanced. He loves to play and is completely at home with the big dogs, not pushing nor pulling but just being one of the boys. He is always watchful and often will wander off exploring on his own. He wants to be with you when he is tuckered out and if not feeling well but you are not the center of his world, although he may end up as the center of yours.

The pups are almost ready now to transition to their forever homes. They are being spayed and neutered this week, and then we begin the most difficult task of having them leave us. What an incredible journey this has been for all of us. I have learned so much more again about why dogs and like they are and how much we should be grateful to them for what they teach us.

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