15 Awesome Virginia Pet Stores

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Red Rover’s Project for Children’s eBook – Kickstarter

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Red Rover’s eBook Project – watch the video

RedRover is launching an e-book series with interactive learning built in that will help kids practice the skills needed for empathy.

RedRover saves animals in crisis and seeks to enhance the relationships people have with animals as a means to prevent animal suffering and neglect. And we believe empathy is the key.

Our innovative RedRover Readers program has already helped kids understand animals and has developed empathy skills in classrooms across the country. Now there’s an opportunity to spread this program into more classrooms – and homes – using everyday technology that will make learning empathy easier and fun for kids. It’s RedRover’s new “E-Books for Empathy” project. And you can be part of it!

All 5 e-books in the series will inspire kids to want to make the world a better place while giving them much needed opportunities to practice empathy skills. Questions integrated into the e-books’ interactive apps will help parents and teachers lead discussions with kids so they can imagine what characters are feeling while learning about animal behavior (and human behavior!) right alongside the characters in the book. Games integrated into the e-books will help kids practice linking behaviors to feelings to become top communicators.

Why this book? A note from Nicole:

As a child, I was the kid who saved bees from swimming pools and redirected foot traffic around ants. I was a pint-sized animal protector, and it’s no surprise that I became the President and CEO of an animal organization! However, I have always been deeply passionate about books and writing, and first followed this passion as an English teacher. There are few rewards in life greater than seeing the eyes of a disengaged child light up.

As an educator, parent, leader, avid reader and unwitting connoisseur of children’s media, I understand the power of stories and the potential of an unfettered mind. I wrote The Restricted Adventures of Raja (with a lot of help!) to capture the imagination of children and inspire them to understand and connect with animals and people – to inspire them, like Raja, to want to save Planet Earth.

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A New Years Resolution: Help your pet get fit! – Washington Humane Society Blog

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A New Years Resolution: Help your pet get fit! – Washington Humane Society Blog.

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